Firstly, what is W3c? And what does it mean for your site to be W3C compatible? Th W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium, and it is an international community who develops web standards. If your site is W3C compliant, it means that the coding has been done in such a way that it complies to the standards as laid down by the W3C.

Unfortunately not all browsers make it equally easy to comply to these standards! It is really easy for a website not to be fully W3C compliant. You can validate your website by checking it on this page –, or you can add a little button to your site that does the validation for you on the fly.

But is it really important for your site to be compliant from a SEO perspective?

Frankly, W3C compliance is not a big factor in SEO. In other words, a site that is not fully compliant with W3C might perform as well as a site that is compliant. It is just not one of the major indicators.

Google IS interested in your page load speed, however. So basically you should make sure that any W3C errors do not influence your page load speed. Google has some tools that you can use to test your site load speed, so I would suggest rather using that instead of really stressing about whether your site is fully W3C compliant.

See what Mat Cutts is saying about it:

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